Add Value To Your Brownstone Tip#1

Regardless of what material was used to build a rowhouse, it’s typically known as a brownstone.  A simple way to increase value to your brownstone is to build a stoop if you do not have one in place. Many stoops were removed in the 1920’s and 1930’s mainly because landlords wanted to add the corridor space of the parlor level as part of an apartment.  Some stoops were removed in the 1960’s to avoid the homeless or people up to no good loitering on the steps. Stoops were also removed to allow for more light into the garden and parlour levels.  The cost of a stoop usually ranges from $65,000 to $90,000.  It would be wise to use a company that has experience constructing or reconstructing stoops.  Building a stoop not only adds value to your brownstone but it also increases the square footage of your home. The floor on the top of the steps can be used as a patio or porch. Stay tuned for tip#2.


About alexisak

Born and raised in Queens New York, Alex Isak, a Director of Sales for Goldenwood Property Advisors, is a helpful man who breathes Commercial Real Estate. Alex Isak has brokered numerous transactions within the five boroughs and specializes in multifamily and mixed use property on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In his spare time, Alex Isak helps raise funds for various charities and coaches a junior varsity basketball team in Forest Hills, New York. To date, Alex Isak helped raise over $1,000,000.00 most of which went towards early childhood education.
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